Naturopathic Services

Dr. Angelica White specializes in the Holistic approach of healing threw natural healing, Specializing in a range of treatments best suited for patients wanting an alternative and integrative approach to treatment. Dr. Angelica White is a Naturopath from Wisconsin

Natural Holistic Services

Below is a comprehensive list of Natural and Holistic services offer by Dr. Angelica White. Holistic services with natural products also maximize the natural approach of healing. Dr. Angelica White offers pH Saliva Testing, Biofeedback Analysis, Blood Type Consulting, Medical Hypnotherapy, Hair Mineral Analysis, Strengths Coaching, Biomat Healing Session, and also Gentle Yoga. All Holistic natural services offered are based in Madison Wisconsin. Some Holistic services can be offered via Phone and or Video Chat.

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pH Saliva Testing

pH Saliva testing allows you to measure your susceptibility to cancer, heart disease, osteoporosis, arthritis, liver disorders and many other degenerative diseases that effect the human body.

Biofeedback Analysis

Biofeedback analysis is a rapidly emerging field. It is a highly accurate and non-invasive spectral testing method that is quite useful in developing a wellness plan using the products that your body actually

Blood Type Consulting

The Blood Type Diet is an individualized diet plan. It addresses your unique digestive capabilities and immune response (inflammation) to foods that you might not even be aware are causing you damage.

Medical Hypnotherapy

A medical hypnotherapist helps a client in hypnosis to make deep, long lasting and beneficial changes to thoughts, feelings and behavior in order to treat a variety of medical and/or psychological problems.

Hair Mineral Analysis

A hair mineral analysis test reveals your mineral deficiencies and heavy metal toxicity. Hair mineral analysis reveals and explains the causes of many health symptoms and disease.

Strengths Coaching

Lifestyle health coaching packages are offered 3 private & confidential sessions are done per month over the phone or in person to reach your Optimal Health Dream & Vision Goals.

Biomat Healing Session

Feel the deep relaxation that comes from a heated Amethyst BioMat healing treatment. You choose between seven different settings of heat & relax in a professional, cozy environment.

Gentle Yoga

Like other styles of yoga, gentle yoga relieves stress, increases flexibility, calms the mind, and strengthens the body. Gentle yoga can be relaxing and help enhance the range of motion.

Madison Holistic Health Practice

CBD Oil Review

Naturopathic Medicine isnt just for humans, I have a cat that was having tooth pain, I used a CBD Oil treatment solution. I saw my cat improve in a matter of weeks as she started to play more and was more interactive, Thanks Dr. Angelica White - Mary Blatz, New York, New York

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